Rogers, G.M. The Haunted Mill [Typewritten MS and accompanying Periodical Art].


8 page foolscap typescript, staple to upper left corner, with some hand written corrections and editorial marks, approximately 1500 words in all; accompanied by original pen and ink masthead and sidebar art on pasteboard intended to accompany the publication of the story. The art, four pieces in all, is signed “Rosa C. Petherick”, noted book and periodical illustrator (from Croydon, no less) of the early 20th century, working mainly for Blackie Ltd. but also doing a number of Boys Own style pieces, of which this is probably one. Rogers himself was a writer living in the Transvaal, whose African oriented stories appeared more in Boys Own than anywhere else. It’s a rare and delightful occurrence to have manuscript and art accompanying each other in this manner. Stirring stuff.

[Ref: 848]


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