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Drake, E.H.E. Thales. An archive of material related to Aeronautics,

Ornithopters etc. Including models, designs, correspondence and ephmera..

Greta Britain, France etc., 1889-1918 [circa].

A varied and diverse quantity of material; plans, sketches, metal model components, 2 moving paper models, one of which incorporates feathers, a paper bird, a rather obscure cardboard disk, a leaflet and newspaper article relating to drake’s demonstration of his ideas, a statement notifying of Drake’s aeronautics committee’s intent to construct a “Flying Machine of an entirely new kind” and expressing their willingness to be asked to lecture “on the subject of ‘flying machines’” (this dated 1914), a pass from The Aircraft Manufacturing Co. stating that Drake is “engaged in the manufacture of Aviation Supplies for War Service”, tow other official passes from the Air Board, a flyer advertising “A Free Gift to the Whole World of a series of inventions for Submarine and Aerial Locomotion” to be hosted at Finsbury Park on August 19th 1911, a manuscript statement from Drake affirming that “I have made a schematic model of a Folding Wing Aeroplane which unites in itself the arrangements of a land and sea plane combined...” and offering the whole rights in exchange for a pecuniary interest in whatever lucky firm should adopt his designs, extensive lecture notes (”The Perfect Flying Machine and The World’s Hunger” which sounds like a Michael Moorcock novel title), documents from the Societe Francaise De Navigation Aerienne, meeting reports, transcripts of remarks given to the Institution of Automobile Engineers in 1915 regarding ornithopters, an envelope covered on all sides with notes regarding “l’exploitation de l’oiseau mecanique” apparently from an address given at an aeronautics exposition given in 1889 referencing among others the Vicomte de Larochefoucault and Comte Albert de Dion...a a veritable flock of other pieces of ephemera and correspondence, some pieces of which are a little fragile, but all robust enough to withstand further research. A substantial and delightful collection of very enthusiastic (some would say obsessed) material devoted to an eccentric area of aeronautics that, although beloved of antiquity, found itself relegated to the bottom corners of the drawing board with the technological advances from the early part of the 20th century.

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