York Antiquarian Book Seminar

Now in its 3rd successful year and powering on towards its fourth, the Antiquarian Book Seminar seeks to provide an opportunity for leading specialists to share their expertise and experience with booksellers, and collectors in a comprehensive survey of the rare book market, both antiquarian and modern. Basic procedures and problems are discussed both formally and informally through a series of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practical hands-on workshops with emphasis on the internet, computers and internet book selling, as well as traditional methods.

This year's seminar kicks off

This year’s seminar kicks off

The Antiquarian Book Seminar is designed for people of all levels of experience, from beginners to those with years of experience who want to hone their skills in this rapidly changing field. This course has been modelled on the successful Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, with a fresh line-up of British faculty members. We’re privileged to have Keynote Speaker Heather O’Donnell of the legendary Honey & Wax Books  joining us.  All the lectures and software demonstrations have been updated to suit the needs of the UK rare book market.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Heather O'Donnell

Ladies and Gentlemen: Heather O’Donnell

Jonathan Kearns Rare Books and Curiosities are Co-Directors of the Seminar with Anthony Smithson of The Keel Row Bookshop in North Shields.

The first year was a resounding success, with Rob Rulon-Miller and Lorne Bair graciously showing up to fill the roles of Keynote Speaker and Speciality Dealer, then even more graciously staying on as jury-rigged faculty members. The generally held opinion was that Ed Maggs was worth the price of admission alone, and with the astonishingly gifted lineup of other faculty members we appeared to have got the balance right for the maximum benefit to the students.

We aim to expand and improve every year, adding new subjects to the syllabus, trying to keep with the changing face of the book trade and hoping to welcome the best and brightest of the world trade to attend as faculty and as students.


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